It’s never been easier for FBA users to start selling on Japanese Rakuten Ichiba.

If you already have a Japanese FBA account, it takes just 1 day to list your items on Rakuten Ichiba.

Rakuten Ichiba, it’s too large to ignore.

  • Japan's largest online shopping mall
  • Over 40,000 shops are making sales
  • The distribution total is 2.6 trillion JPY (as of 2015)
  • Japan's largest online shopping mall

On FBA today, then on Rakuten tomorrow.

 The only procedures you would need to complete are:

  • Sign up for our service
  • Email us the Amazon product codes (SKU, ASIN) you would like to sell on Rakuten

  • Sign up for our service

The registered products will then be sold on shops operated by us. When an order is placed, we will automatically send the shipping instructions to your company's FBA MCF.

We will carry out everything, including product registration, order processing, shipping and customer services! 

Inventory as it is

If you are using FBA, you can leave your inventory where it is.

Jump-start tomorrow

With easy setup, you can begin sales as early as tomorrow.

No store setup needed

Since sales will take place at our company's shops, there is no need to perform any tiresome procedures related to opening a shop.

You will get paid the remaining balance after deduction of fees for Rakuten and FBA operations and our handling cost (10% of total sales).


Initial: 50,000 JPY
Monthly: 15,000 JPY + 10% of sales

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Company Outline

Company Name
Shippinno Inc.
Founded December, 2008
Capital 101,000,000 JPY (incl. capital reserves)
Headquarters 5F Southern Beach Hills, 4-12986-52 Naka-kaigan, Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
CEO Kengo Tabuchi
  • Web system integration for e-commerce business owners
  • Development and operation of Shippinno, a shipping automation web service
Tel +81-(0)120-948-139
Capital 101,000,000 JPY (incl. capital reserves)